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Osmosis Skin Care

About Osmosis

Osmosis Skin Care offers a collection of facial products that are safe to use on even the most sensitive skin because they are infused with nutrients that are highly efficacious and yet non-inflammatory. For decades most skincare companies have been using irritating ingredients that work by inflaming the skin, this has got to change if we want to reverse aging skin. Most skincare companies also struggle to get adequate penetration (2-5% on average) and they have failed to address the lack of skin nutrition needed to feed the repair process. This has resulted in poor outcomes throughout the world.

Osmosis achieves remarkable results by addressing every aspect of skin damage; collagen/elastin production, scar tissue build-up, loss of skin nutrition and growth factors, and DNA damage. In addition, we avoid ingredients and strategies that weaken and inflame the skin. Finally, Osmosis differentiates itself by using the most advanced ingredients in the world. We are the first to offer DNA repair strategies using Zinc Finger Technology. We are the first to offer liposomally delivered stem cell growth factors. Osmosis also has over 17 patents pending for ingredients that have the unique ability to improve the skin without damaging or interfering with its proper function. Osmosis is the first company discussing increasing skin nutrition and offering multiple modalities to achieve that goal.

In summary, no skincare line in the world has a more complete approach to skin health and your results will reflect that.

Dr. Ben Johnson

Osmosis SkinCare Founder And Formulator

Dr. Ben Johnson started his career in 1997 when he opened one of the first medi-spa chains with locations all around the U.S. Dr. Johnson then founded and formulated his first skin care line, Cosmedix, with a strategy that was unique at the time - creating medical strength results using all natural and chirally correct ingredients.

Dr. Johnson has developed Osmosis Skincare with the goal of changing the direction of skin care away from excessive exfoliation and renewing the focus of dermal remodeling. It works on every skin condition on every skin type. The product range has created a great deal of excitement in the beauty industry, thanks to its unique action and outstanding results.

Osmosis Organic Medi Facial

You'll love the way your skin looks and feels after this customizable facial. Remember, not all facials are created equal! We use Medifacial Powder Actives and USDA Certified Organic Masks to create an unparalleled facial that will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. Overall, we are creating a healthier skin, which is free from sebum buildup and more lustrous. You will see a difference in the texture of the skin immediately.

The Osmosis Organic Medi Facial system addresses:
Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Photo-damage along with most other skin conditions.

Purpose of treatment:

  • Create substantial increases in collagen, elastin and GAG’s without trauma
  • Restore the antioxidant levels
  • Reduction in sebum
  • Dermal thickening
  • Removal of toxins and debris
  • Restore capillary flow
  • Increase firmness and elasticity
  • Normalize skin tone and heal red/inflamed spots on the skin
  • Minimize telangectasias (dilated blood vessels on the skin)
  • Restore moisture and radiance to the skin while normalizing oil output

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Osmosis Facial Infusion Peel

We believe this is the most effective peel and/or procedure on the market.

Instead of wounding the skin, Facial Infusion, with its potent liposomal delivery of calming, antibacterial, lightening and (8) dermal remodeling ingredients is great for every skin condition. It is extremely safe because it is free of any alpha/beta hydroxy acids and it is therefore tolerated by all skin types. You will see mild to moderate exfoliation 2-3 days after the peel which lasts for another 2-3 days usually. The peel is gentle but the results are significant!
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